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Types of Wills we offer:

Single Will

A Single Will, as the name suggests, is for one person.

You can make a Single Will whether you have a partner or not. It is possible to choose this option if your partner already has their own Will.

A Single Will is the perfect way to protect the estate of an individual. You are able to specify the family and loved ones you would like to benefit from your estate after your death.

Cost of a Single Will From £129

What does a Single Will do?

A Single Will allows you to:

  • Name the people or charities who you want to leave your possessions to when you die
  • Choose how you want to split your things between your named people or charities
  • Name who you would want to look after any children you have who are under the age of 18
  • Decide who you would want to protect any inheritance you leave to any children you have who are under the age of 18
  • Give details about any particular possessions you want to pass on
  • Decide who you want to manage your Will after your death

Mirror Wills

Mirror Wills, sometimes also called Mirror Image Wills or joint Wills, are commonly used by married and unmarried couples that have very similar wishes about what should be written into their Wills.

Mirror Wills are two separate legal documents that are practically identical in almost every way, except for the name of the person, and perhaps their individual funeral wishes. There is nothing that ties the two Wills together legally.

A simple example of what a man and woman, married or not, with children could write into their Mirror Wills, is that the man leaves everything to the woman and the woman leaves everything to the man, and whichever dies last leaves everything between their children in equal shares.

However, they can have some small differences. When it comes to estate administration and inheritance issues, they need to match – but they can have some minor variances like additional executors.

Cost of a Mirror Will From £180

What are the Advantages of Mirror Wills?

  • It can often be cheaper to make 2 Wills together at the same time
  • Both partners have similar desires and terms in their Wills
  • You are protecting your partner’s financial future, as they would not necessarily be legally entitled to inherit your estate if you are unmarried
  • A key benefit of mirror wills for married couples and those in civil partnerships is managing Inheritance Tax. Everything can pass from one spouse to another tax free. The Nil Rate Inheritance Tax band is transferable to the surviving spouse.

Disadvantages of Mirror Wills

  • Bear in mind that circumstances can change at any time. Widowed Spouses can have a new line of legal dependency if they get remarried after death, and Wills can automatically be revoked. This means that they could, potentially, get remarried after your death, and the assets from your estate could go to their new partner, rather than your children. They could also write a new Will while you’re both still alive – and they have no obligation to tell you if they’ve done so. Change in circumstances can affect standard Mirror Wills, but Trust Wills can ensure the future.
  • Care home fees can deplete the estate. If your partner needs to be taken into care later on in life, the local authority has the right to take the cost of that care out of the house. This means that if you leave your partner your property through a standard Will it can potentially get eaten up by care home fees before your children receive it. Using Trust Wills can alleviate this.
  • However – by having a Trust Will in place, these disadvantages are easily solved.

It is essential that you take the right advice and guidance when considering putting your Single or Mirror Wills in place.

Our Experts in Northamptonshire are on hand to guide you through the best Wills for your unique circumstances.

What happens if I don’t make a Will?

In the event of you passing away without a valid Will, the laws of intestacy will be implemented.

This is the legal way of saying that a set of pre-existing rules would be used to distribute your possessions, and the future care of your children or loved ones. The decision is taken by the court, who as a separate body to you and your circumstances, may make decisions that cause a huge amount of distress and upset to your family.

Alongside this, it is important to state that the law does not recognise unmarried couples, therefore your significant other will not be entitled to anything. And if you are married, the law can set limits financially on the amount that your partner receives, potentially leaving them in a circumstance where they retain the property, but do not have the means to continue living there.

Even if you are happy for the laws of intestacy to be implemented in the event of your death, invoking this law delays the probate of your estate, and becomes a more costly, and burdensome situation.

Our customers have told us that once they had made their Will, they felt a huge sense of relief.

They realised that, in doing so, they have legally recorded how they wanted their assets divided after their death, thus providing their loved ones with the security they deserve.

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3. Review the draft.
You will receive a draft of the Will to review to ensure you’re happy and understand the contents. You may have some questions we will help answer and make any required revisions.

4. Sign and complete.
Once you’re happy with the Will, sign it to make it legally binding.

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